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As a previous owner of a supply and installation company I witness the growing pains first hand. How do we get more exposure to new customers? How could we open closed doors and get invites to bid on upcoming projects.

  • I don't need to tell you how frustrating it was to fight and fight to grow and finally open a door with a new customer only to hear them say “ man , where were you two years ago?” or last month or oh you just mist the closing date.
    Also we struggled with the costs of Bidding and Bidding hopping to get a job. Sometime we would be quoting to 3 or 4 contractors on the same job only to have it awarded to a GC that wasn't receiving our bid.
    Mix that with growing and landing larger contracts. We needed to get better availability of product and better pricing so we could compete against the big boys and the old school handshake deals.
    There had to be a better way.. There had to be an answer
    There was. Make one
    Now with the Sub Trade Wins Because once you join the network, not only does work come to you, but you also have the chance to expand your exposure to general contractors and project manager who otherwise may have been un reachable.
  • This will save you tons of precious time to actually work and make money instead of chasing work and customers.
  • Another way that you win is if you choose to accept the invitation to tender you now simply need to do ONE BID and it goes up line to all the parties involved at the various levels. You also now have the opportunity to capitalize on our network by putting the supply of your materials out to bid to multiple suppliers in our network. This will open you up to make a better profit margin.
  • So spread the word.. As the network grows so does your opportunities.

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