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Traditionally when You have a project or renovation you need to ask your friends and piers who they may have used or even worse You have been down the road of the yellow pages or Googled looking for someone to bid on your upcoming work. Now you send out dozens if not hundreds of e­mails and replies to emails. In some cases you pay to print dozens of drawings and go through the trivial task of arranging for the General contractors to pick them up.

  • You know what a task that became and how you were hounded after that to see if they got the job,,, why didn't they get the job, can I make it work for you,, lets grab beers and discuss my price and our future together.
  • Come on guys. I don't know about you, but its business, and the job will go to the best price that meets my requirements and has a great demonstration of understanding what I need. Im not necessarily looking to make a friend. There was no great solution so we made one
  • Now with the Customer Wins because now YOU can access multiple General Contractors who are registered to our network. By doing this YOU can receive a very accurate picture of true job cost and have several people biding to YOU without dealing and contacting each and every person.
  • Simply use our FREE service to upload the drawings. Fill out the simple and easy request for tender form. Fill in the closing date that you need the prices by and BINGO the network does all the contacting and collecting work for you.
  • Also the General Contractors, Project Managers or sub­trades bidding do not see who you are. That way you are not blanketed with phone calls or emails. You simply receive the prices and pick the winner or the contact the people you want to.

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