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Subscription for General Contractors

Subscription option for General Contractors (“GCs”) - General Contractors Tools
We also offer subscription model for GCs who post projects regularly and would like to have access to very useful trade and project management tools. Please contact us for pricing and trial options.

Subscription Features include:

  • Present your company listing and profile in general contractors directory
  • Upload pictures and show a list of projects completed by your company
  • Invite trades to be on your permanent bid list
  • Allow trades to apply to be part of your bid list including the capability of reviewing, accepting, and rejecting applications 
  • Have 24 / 7 access to your trades list with contact and full profile information
  • Make private notes for each trade
  • See history of dealings with each trade
  • Create projects not visible to general public that are only accessible by trades that you invite to bid on specific project  
  • Receive notifications and status updates for each invite sent to trades 
  • Allow invited trades to accept invites and bid on them for free
  • Process automatic reminders sent by the system to trades that accepted invites
  • Assign monetary value to each accepted bid
  • Run customizable reports to help analyze and keep track of various trades and projects: 
    • Trades report detailing information by trade and time period, including projects assigned to specific trade, value of projects assigned to each trade, listing of trades that rejected or did not respond
    • Projects report detailing information by project and time period, including listing of all projects posted, trades invited, accepted and rejected by trade, sum of all winning bids summarizing the total trades cost for each project
    • Location reports that summarize information by city, number of projects, number of trades, and number of active trades in this city
  • Integration with company Slack or other messenger for instant notifications
  • And many more.

Please contact us for pricing and trial options.

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