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Must I be a member to use the service?

Yes. You need to sign up to be able to view drawings and submit tenders.

How many people can see my bid once uploaded?

Your bid will continue and be passed forward to all the generals or customers above you.

Does this website guarantee I will get work?

No, we are a file sharing site for the purposes of getting you more exposure and increasing your chances of getting work.

Does this website guarantee I will be paid by the customers?

No, this is simply a networking and filesharing site. We recommend that you do your homework on the end-user/customer, if and when you are approached by them.

Does this website carry any insurance to cover off on any of my losses from doing business?

No, we are simply here to help increase your exposure to new customers and increase your chances of winning more tenders. We do not guarantee any work or awarded tenders. That decision is up to the end-user/customer.

Can I see who I am bidding against or who I am bidding too?

No, the end user/customer is kept anonymous until they choose to approach for you.

If the customer excepts my tender price, am I obligated to work for this customer?

No, you then have the opportunity once being approached by the contractor and/or customer to do your own research and background checks. At which point you choose to enter into negotiations with the contractor / customer.

How much does it cost to post a project?

As contractor you can post public project for free.

What if I want to post private project and invite my own trades?

This option is available at, but you need to be a premium contractor. Here is what is included in package: Subscription Details

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