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About Us is simply a best way for the customer, General Contractors and the Trades to reach each other in a fast easy manner that ensures that EVERYONE involved in the process wins..

The Customer wins because now YOU can access multiple General Contractors who are registered to our network. By doing this YOU can receive a very accurate picture of true job cost and have several people biding to YOU without dealing and contacting each and every person. Simply upload the drawings and fill out the simple and easy request for tender form. Fill in the closing date that you need the prices by and BINGO the network does all the contacting and collecting for you. Also the Generals Contractors, project managers or sub-trades bidding do not see who you are. That way you are not blanketed with phone calls or emails. You simply receive the prices and pick the winner or the contact the people you want to. IT'S THAT SIMPLE

The General Contractors and Project Managers win because Once they have registered with our network.... The work comes to them. The customers come to them. No more spending endless hours trying to open doors with new customers. Now your price and the quality of any references or past jobs you may share will influence dozens if not hundreds of potential new customers. And if you are too busy, you can decline the project and the Customer is none the wiser, and more importantly not offended. YOU also now click the trades you want to receive prices from and the closing date and time. NOW watch the magic. You will receive 5-8 quotes from each and every trade you have requested prices from. This will ensure that your price has full coverage and is dead accurate. The trades do not see who they are bidding to. That way you are not bombarded with tons of questions, phone calls and or emails.. Once your bids come in, SIMPLY pick the trade or trades you want to contact and reach out to them.

The Sub Trade wins Because once you join the network, not only does work come to you, but you also have the chance to expand your exposure to general contractors and project manager who otherwise may have been un reachable. This will save you tons of precious time to actually work and make money in stead of chasing work and customers. Another way that you win is if you choose to accept the invitation to tender you now simply need to do ONE BID and it goes up line to all the parties involved at the various levels. You also now have the opportunity to capitalize on our network by putting the supply of your materials out to bid to multiple suppliers in our network. This will open you up to make a better profit margin.

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