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Why Do I Need a Building Permit? October 31, 2018

City, county, state, or provincial building permits are mainly about safety. They are about enforcing construction industry standards. Compliance with these standards provides real estate owners and other occupants of the properties with the best chances of minimizing things such as occurrences of fire, structural failures or something that may be as simple as a child getting his head caught between stair rails

Update to General Contractors Management Tool October 23, 2018

We continuously monitor user activities and collect feedback from trades, general contractors and customers to determine which features need to be improved or added.  The following is the most recently added functionality to the General Contractors Management Tool

Tips to Hiring a contractor September 12, 2018

When planning to hire a contractor for upcoming project make sure to

Get estimates to customer faster and win more projects August 08, 2018

Line Item Estimates, very precise, but are incredibly time consuming. However, there is an alternative method to estimate the cost of the project, Unit Cost Estimation.

Sometimes the cheapest bid costs the most July 16, 2018

Subcontractors (sometimes referred to as “trades”) can miss the mark with cost estimates. In such cases, although the trades will be asked to absorb the costs, the general contractor and/or client will certainly pay for it to some extent whether it be in the form of additional costs, project delays, or dissatisfied customers resulting in negative reviews of client/general contractor professional abilities.

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