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Tips to Hiring a contractor September 12, 2018

When planning to hire a contractor for upcoming project make sure to:

  • Take the time to make a list of exactly what needs to be done;  
  • Remember that changing plans in the middle of a project will likely cost extra money;
  • Clearly define what needs to be spent and what could be spent on extras; 
  • Discuss budget with the contractor;
  • Ask for recommendations and/or observations from friends, neighbors, and anyone who may have had similar projects completed in the past to have fulsome information prior to commencement of the project;
  • Ask contractor for a proof of local business insurance, current and up-to-date standing with the local work safe organization, and business license that covers him/her in the particular area, city, and county. 
  • Always ask contractor for a clearance letter from the Worker Compensation Board or another relevant provincial or state work safe organization.  If contractor is injured on a project without proper coverage, the project owner/manager may be liable. 
  • At we like to support local business and we recommend that you consider dealing with local companies. This will also make it easier to check references, enforce a warranty or have follow-up work done.  
  • We suggest using our services to ensure you are getting the best price and the best work done that you can afford. We suggest getting a few estimates prior to choosing one.  
  • Never accept an estimate over the phone or without the contractor inspecting the area. It is best practice to get everything in writing no matter how trivial it may seem to ensure that you are protected in the long run. 
  • Be patient and try to remember that good contractors ask a lot of questions so they can understand the needs better and plan out the project. Take the time to give as many details as possible to the contractor.
  • It is recommend that the contractor of choice has a local business license and can pull all required permits. Some people may think that they are saving money by not getting a building permit, but licensing is in place for a reason.  Timely inspection of the project by certified professionals ensures that construction is done in accordance with the standards/code and will help eliminate future problems.
  • Larger and more complex projects may need an architect or engineer to help draw up plans that have all the important and required information that meet the minimum building code requirements in the area.
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